Phrasal Prepositions

Phrasal Prepositions

Phrasal prepositions are combinations of verbs and prepositions that function as a single unit to convey a specific meaning.

Preposition - "Without"

Preposition – “Without”

The common meanings of the preposition without; outside of, out of, lack of something, free from, not having, excluding, for negation and etc.

Prepositions -"For", "During", "In", and "Within" to compare

Prepositions -“For”, “During”, “In”, and “Within” to compare

For is used to indicate a purpose, reason, or duration of time.During is used to specify when something happens within a particular time frame.In is a versatile preposition that can be used to indicate location, time, inclusion, and more.Within refers to something happening inside or not exceeding a certain period of time.

Preposition  - "Within"

Preposition – “Within”

The preposition within has several meanings: inside, inwardly, indoors, inside a building, precise time and location, deadline, internally and etc.