Prepositions “Since” and

“From” to compare


Since and from are both prepositions, but they are used in slightly different ways and contexts. Here’s a comparison with examples for each:






Since is primarily used to indicate a specific starting point in time or a cause-and-effect relationship.


I have been working here since 2010.

(Starting point in time)


She hasn’t eaten anything since breakfast.

(Starting point in time)


He lost his job. He’s been unhappy since then.

(Cause-and-effect relationship)








From is used to indicate a starting point in time, place, or a range of values.



I work from 9 AM to 5 PM.

(Starting and ending points in time)


The book is from the library.

(Indicating the source or place)


The price of the product ranges from $10 to $50.

(Range of values)





In summary, since primarily focuses on specifying a starting point in time or expressing a cause-and-effect relationship, while from is more versatile and can indicate starting points in time, place, or ranges of values.








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