Preposition “Against”


Preposition “Against” with the meaning -in opposition to:


Here are some examples of using the preposition against with the meaning in opposition to:


The protesters rallied against the government’s new tax policy.


She spoke out against the proposed changes to the school curriculum.


The athlete competed against world-class opponents in the championship.


The environmentalists are fighting against the construction of the new factory.


The union members are striking against unfair labor practices.


He argued passionately against the legalization of recreational drugs.


The community came together to stand against discrimination and prejudice.


The lawyer defended her client against the false accusations.


The political parties are divided against each other on this issue.


The parents are united against the school’s decision to cut funding for arts programs.


These sentences demonstrate how against is used to indicate opposition or disagreement with something or someone.







Word combinations: verbs + preposition “Against”


Here’s a list of verbs and verb combinations commonly used with the preposition against to convey various meanings, including opposition, support, contact, and comparison:


Opposing or Contrasting:


Protest against

Fight against

Resist against

Rebel against

Object against

Campaign against

Argue against

Compete against

Vote against

Stand against



Supporting or Favoring:


Advocate for/against

Lobby for/against

Vote for/against

Speak for/against

Rally for/against

Campaign for/against

Root for/against (informal)



Contact or Impact:


Lean against

Press against

Rub against

Push against

Rest against

Brush against

Grind against

Tap against

Knock against

Strike against



Comparison or Measurement:


Compare against

Contrast against

Measure against

Judge against

Evaluate against

Test against



Protecting or Defending:


Defend against

Guard against

Shield against

Insulate against

Safeguard against





Bet against

Count against

Weigh against

Calculate against

Offset against

Balance against

Check against

Set against



These examples cover a wide range of contexts in which against is used with different verbs to convey specific meanings and actions.










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