What is a subject?


In a typical sentence, the two main components are the subject and the predicate.



The subject is the part of the sentence that typically indicates who or what the sentence is about.

The subject of a sentence can answer the questions who? and what?

It can be expressed using various forms, including nouns, pronouns, infinitives, gerunds, numerals, and other words or combinations that function as nouns.


Here are examples for each of these cases:



The dog barked loudly.


Mountains surround the valley.





She is going to the store.


They will arrive soon.




Infinitive (as a subject):

To study is important for success.


To travel is her passion.




Gerund (as a subject):

Swimming is a great exercise.


Reading is his favorite hobby.




Numeral (as a subject):

Three is a prime number.


Seventy attended the event.




Other words or word combinations functioning as nouns:


“Love” is an abstract noun.


“Duty free-shop” is a retail outlet.



In each of these examples, the subject answers the questions who? and what? and can be expressed using the specified forms.









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