Compound and Derivative Nouns

Compound Nouns


A compound noun is a type of noun that is formed by combining two or more words to create a single, unified noun with a specific meaning.

These words can be connected in various ways, including through spaces, hyphens, or as a single word.

Compound nouns are used to describe people, places, things, or concepts that are closely related or interconnected.


Open Compound Nouns: These compound nouns are written as separate words.

Toothbrush: The tooth and brush combine to form a tool for cleaning teeth.

School bus: School and bus together refer to a bus used to transport students to school.


Hyphenated Compound Nouns: These compound nouns are connected by hyphens.

Mother-in-law: This compound noun describes a person’s spouse’s mother.

Sister-in-law: It refers to a person’s brother’s wife or husband’s sister.


Closed Compound Nouns: These compound nouns are written as single words.

Football: Foot and ball are joined to describe a sport played with a round ball kicked by the feet.

Bookstore: It refers to a shop where books are sold.


Attributive Compound Nouns: These compound nouns are formed by combining an adjective and a noun.

Redhead: Red (adjective) and head (noun) combine to describe a person with red hair.

Darkroom: Dark (adjective) and room (noun) together refer to a room with minimal light used for developing photographs.



Derivative Nouns:

Derivative nouns are nouns that are derived or formed from other parts of speech, often through affixation (adding prefixes or suffixes) or other word formation processes.


You can derive a noun from a verb by adding the suffix -er or -ion.

Teach (verb) becomes teacher (noun).

Celebrate (verb) becomes celebration (noun).


Similarly, adjectives can be used to create derivative nouns:

Happy (adjective) becomes happiness (noun).

Childish (adjective) becomes childishness (noun).











Compound and Derivative Nouns

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