Preposition “Within”

The preposition within has several meanings,

Examples for each of these meanings:




Inside or In the Interior of:

The treasure chest was hidden within the cave.


Please place the documents within the folder.





Before a Particular Period of Time or Deadline:


You must complete the assignment within one week.


The package will be delivered within 48 hours.







During a Particular Period of Time:


The movie will start within the next 15 minutes.


She’ll arrive within the hour.






Inside the Bounds or Limits of:


The town is located within the national park.


The store is within walking distance.






Less than or Not Exceeding a Particular Quantity or Amount:


The cost of the repairs is within our budget.


The project can be completed within three months.







In the Scope or Influence of:


The decision falls within the authority of the manager.


Her actions were within the rules of the game.








Expressing a Short Period of Time Before Something Happens:


Within seconds, the alarm went off.


Within moments, the rain began to fall.







Inside One’s Thoughts or Feelings:


Within himself, he knew the truth.


She found strength within her to overcome the obstacles.






Inherent or Existing as a Natural Part:


There is a sense of beauty within the simplicity of the design.


Within every challenge, there is an opportunity for growth.







Used to Show a More Precise Location or Time:


The key is within the top drawer of the desk.


The meeting is scheduled within the first week of July.



The meaning of within can vary based on context, so it’s important to consider the surrounding words and the overall context when interpreting its meaning in a sentence.








Within as an adverb:


Here are some examples of how within, used as an adverb in the meaning of inside, indoors, internally, or inwardly, can be used in sentences:





Inside a Building (Indoors):


She felt safe and warm within, in her cozy home during the snowstorm.


Please wait within, in the lobby until your name is called.






Internally or Inwardly:


Despite her outward composure, she was struggling within, battling her anxiety.


The decision was made after much debate within, by the company’s board of directors.






Inside an Object or Entity:


The treasure was hidden in the ancient chest, within.


The answer to the puzzle lies within, in the text of the riddle.







Preposition within in word expressions:

Here are some common word expressions and idiomatic phrases that use the preposition within:


Within Reach: Refers to something that is easily accessible or attainable.

Success is within reach if you work hard.



Within Sight: Indicates that something is visible or able to be seen.

The mountain peak is within sight now.



Within Earshot: Means something can be heard from a specific distance.

I overheard their conversation; they were within earshot.



 Within Arm’s Reach: Signifies that something is very close and can be grabbed easily.

Keep the emergency phone within arm’s reach.



Within Limits: Refers to staying within certain boundaries or constraints.

We must operate within the budget’s limits.



Within the Realm of Possibility: Suggests that something is conceivable or achievable.

Winning the lottery is within the realm of possibility, but it’s unlikely.



Within One’s Control: Indicates that something can be managed or influenced by a person.

Your attitude is within your control; choose to be positive.



Within Reason: Refers to something that is sensible or logical.

I can help you move, but it should be within reason, not a cross-country trip.



Within a Stone’s Throw: Means something is very close in proximity.

The nearest coffee shop is within a stone’s throw from here.



Within the Hour: Refers to something happening soon, typically within the next 60 minutes.

The repairman will arrive within the hour.



Within the Vicinity: Signifies something is nearby or in the surrounding area.

There are several restaurants within the vicinity of the hotel.



Within the Framework: Refers to working within the established guidelines or structure.

We need to complete the project within the framework of company policies.



Within the Confines: Indicates being restricted or limited by certain boundaries.

Creativity often thrives within the confines of constraints.



Within a Hair’s Breadth: Suggests something is extremely close or narrowly avoided.

He missed the target by within a hair’s breadth.



Within the Realm of Science: Refers to something that is scientifically explainable or understood.

The phenomenon can be explained within the realm of science.




These expressions and idioms can add depth and nuance to your language use when incorporating the preposition within into your conversations and writing.









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