Pronunciation of the letter”u”


Here are some common pronunciation  patterns  for the letter u in English words, along with examples in transcription using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA):


Short and Long Vowel Sounds:


Short /ʌ/:

u can represent a short vowel sound, as in bus /bʌs/, cup”/kʌp/, and luck /lʌk/.


Long /juː/:

u followed by a silent e represents a long vowel sound, as in cube /kjuːb/, tube /tjuːb/, and cute /kjuːt/.



qu Digraph:


/kw/: The combination qu represents the sound /kw/, as in queen /kwiːn/, quick /kwɪk/, and quiet /kwaɪət/.



u as a Consonant Sound:

/j/: In some words, u represents a consonant sound, as in unique /juːˈniːk/, where it sounds like yoo.



ou and ow Diphthongs:

/aʊ/: The combination ou creates a diphthong sound /aʊ/, as in house /haʊs/, out /aʊt/, and cloud /klaʊd/.


/aʊ/: Similarly, the combination ow also creates a diphthong sound /aʊ/, as in cow /kaʊ/, now /naʊ/, and flower /ˈflaʊər/.



Silent u:

Silent: In some words, u is not pronounced, but it affects the preceding vowel.

For example: guilt /ɡɪlt/ and guise /ɡaɪz/ have a silent u but influence the sound of the preceding vowel.



ue at the End of Words:

/uː/: The combination ue at the end of a word often represents the sound /uː/, as in blue /bluː/, true /truː/.



ui in Words:

/uː/ or /juː/: The combination ui often represents the sounds /uː/ or /juː/, as in fruit /fruːt/, juice /dʒuːs/, and rescue /ˈreskjuː/.



Here are some exercises along with answers and transcriptions to practice the pronunciation patterns for the letter u:


Exercise 1:

Short and Long Vowel Sounds: Write the correct spelling of the word based on the given transcription and meaning:


/bʌs/ – (a vehicle for transporting people)

Answer: bus


/kʌp/ – (a container for holding liquids)

Answer: cup


/juːnɪk/ – (one of a kind; not like anything else)

Answer: unique




Exercise 2:

qu Digraph: Fill in the blanks with the correct words.


A fast and agile feline is a quick ____.

Answer: cat


An extremely silent place is so ____.

Answer: quiet


A female ruler is called a ____.

Answer: queen


Exercise 3:

ou and ow Diphthongs: Choose the correct word for each sentence.

She injured her knee and is now using crutches to ____. a) maʊve b) move

Answer: b) move


The sun is shining brightly, and there’s not a single ____ in the sky. a) cloʊd b) clawd

Answer: a) cloʊd


Exercise 4:

Silent u: Identify the word with a silent u in each set.

a) guide b) guilt

Answer: b) guilt


a) guest b) guess

Answer: a) guest



Exercise 5:

ui in Words: Complete the sentences with the appropriate words.


She squeezed the orange to get fresh ____ juice.

Answer: fruit


The construction workers worked hard to ____ the new skyscraper.

Answer: build











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