The Alphabet names for letters


Here are the alphabet names for each letter in the English alphabet, along with their corresponding International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) transcriptions:


A: ay /eɪ/

B: bee /bi/

C: cee /si/

D: dee /di/

E: ee /i/

F: eff /ɛf/

G: gee /dʒi/

H: aitch /eɪtʃ/

I: eye /aɪ/

J: jay /dʒeɪ/

K: kay/keɪ/

L: ell /ɛl/

M: em /ɛm/

N: en /ɛn/

O: oh /oʊ/

P: pee /pi/

Q: cue /kju/

R: ar/ɑr/

S: ess /ɛs/

T: tee /ti/

U: you /ju/

V: vee /vi/

W: double you /ˈdʌbəl ju/

X: ecks /ɛks/

Y: why /waɪ/

Z: zee /zi/

These are the alphabet names along with their IPA transcriptions as they are commonly used when reciting the alphabet in English.









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