Indefinite subjects “one” and “they”



Indefinite subjects like one and they are used to refer to unspecified or generic people or things.

Here are some examples and explanations for these subjects:


One as an Subject:


One is a singular, gender-neutral pronoun used to refer to an unspecified person in a general sense.

It is typically used in formal or impersonal contexts.




One should always strive to do their best.


When one is in a new city, they should explore and discover new places.


If one wants to succeed, they must work hard.




They as an Subject:


They is a plural pronoun that can also be used to refer to an unspecified or generic group of people.

It is often used in casual and everyday language.




They say that laughter is the best medicine.


When people visit the park, they often bring their dogs with them.


If someone is looking for a good book to read, they should visit the library.



In these examples, one is used in a more formal context, while they is used in a less formal context.

Both pronouns serve to refer to unspecified individuals or groups, making them useful for general or impersonal statements.







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