Preposition “Towards”


The preposition towards has several meanings, and its usage can vary depending on the context.

Here are some of the most common meanings of towards with examples:


In the direction of:

Towards is often used to indicate movement or direction.


She walked towards the park.


The car was driving towards the mountains.


Can you point me towards the nearest subway station?




In relation to:

Towards can also express a relationship between two things or indicate a target or goal.


His attitude towards work is very positive.


They have a friendly attitude towards their neighbors.


She has a strong commitment towards environmental conservation.







Approximating or


Towards can imply that something is approaching a particular state or condition.


The project is moving towards completion.


The weather is getting colder towards winter.


Prices are rising towards the end of the year.








Support or help:

In some cases, towards can suggest support or assistance.


He leaned towards her for support.


The community came together towards disaster relief efforts.


Our company is committed towards helping local charities.







In the amount of:

Towards can also indicate a partial payment or contribution.


She made a payment of $100 towards the rent.


We received a donation towards the construction of the new library.


I’ve saved $50 towards my vacation expenses.




It’s important to consider the context in which towards is used to determine its specific meaning, as it can be versatile and used in various ways.








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