Prepositions- “Besides” and “Except”


 Besides and except are both prepositions used to indicate exclusion or exceptions, but they are used slightly differently and convey different nuances.


Here are some examples to illustrate the differences between the two:


Preposition besides with the meaning apart from or in addition to:


Besides bananas, I also like apples and oranges.

In this sentence, besides is used to indicate that the person likes bananas, but they also like apples and oranges. It suggests an addition or inclusion of other items along with bananas.



Besides playing the piano, she also sings in the choir.

This means that in addition to playing the piano, she has another skill or activity, which is singing in the choir.



I enjoy many sports, besides soccer.

Here, besides is used to convey that the person enjoys multiple sports, but soccer is not one of them.



Besides studying for the test, I need to finish my homework.

This sentence indicates that there are two tasks to be done: studying for the test and completing homework.








Preposition except with the meaning apart from, other than, or not including:


I like all fruits except bananas.

Except is used to exclude bananas from the list of fruits the person likes. It indicates that the person likes all fruits other than bananas.



Everyone attended the party except for Sarah.

Here, except is used to specify that everyone attended the party, except for one person, Sarah.



All students passed the exam except John.

This sentence conveys that all students passed the exam except for John, who did not pass.



I’ll eat anything except seafood.

Except is used to exclude seafood from the list of foods the person is willing to eat.



In summary, besides typically suggests the inclusion of additional items or options,

while except is used to indicate exclusions or exceptions.


Both prepositions serve to clarify or modify the information in a sentence, but their specific meanings and usage contexts can differ.









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