Preposition – “Below”


Preposition below with the meaning -lower than or under:


Here are some examples of the preposition below used to indicate something that is lower than or under something else:


The submarine descended to a depth of 200 meters below the surface of the ocean.


Please place the books below the table so they don’t clutter the room.


The temperature dropped below freezing last night, causing ice to form on the roads.


The treasure chest was hidden below a pile of rocks in the cave.


The city is located below sea level, making it vulnerable to flooding during heavy rains.


The cat likes to hide below the bed when it’s scared of thunderstorms.


The miners dug deep underground, working far below the earth’s surface.


The fish swam gracefully below the shimmering surface of the pond.


The archaeologists discovered ancient ruins buried below layers of sediment.


You’ll find the spare keys in the drawer below the kitchen counter.



In all of these examples, below is used to describe a position or location that is lower than or under something else.







Below as an adverb:


Here are examples of below used as an adverb to mean at bottom or lower than:


The temperature dropped below to 10 degrees Celsius last night, but it’s expected to go even lower tonight.


The elevator took us to the 10th floor, and from there, we had to take the stairs to go even below to the basement.


The airplane descended rapidly, and the passengers felt their ears pop as they went below.


As we hiked up the mountain, the air got thinner, and it became harder to breathe the higher we went, but it was much easier to breathe below.


The water in the well is crystal clear, and you can see all the way below to the bottom.


The cave went deeper below, and we needed flashlights to explore the dark passages.


The prices of these items are listed on the shelf, but you can find even lower prices on clearance items below.


The diver explored the depths of the ocean, going below where sunlight could reach and discovering unique marine life.


The music in the nightclub was so loud that you could feel the bass vibrating in your chest, and the dance floor was packed with people jumping up and down, creating an electric atmosphere below.



In these sentences, below is used as an adverb to describe a position or level that is lower than another position or level.














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