Unextented and Extended simple sentences



Simple Sentence:


A simple sentence, also known as an independent clause, consists of a subject and a predicate (verb) and expresses a complete thought.

It can stand alone as a complete sentence.


Example Simple Sentences:

She sings.


They are playing.


The sun shines brightly.


Unextended sentence

An unextended sentence is a simple sentence that consists of a subject and a predicate (verb) and expresses a complete thought without any additional modifiers, clauses, or phrases.

They work.

Subject: They

Predicate (Verb): work

This unextended sentence conveys the simple action of “working.”



It rains.

Subject: It

Predicate (Verb): rains

This sentence is unextended, describing the weather condition.



He sleeps.

Subject: He

Predicate (Verb): sleeps

This sentence is straightforward and unextended, describing the action of sleeping.


Unextended sentences are concise and to the point, making them suitable for conveying simple facts or actions.

They are a fundamental building block of more complex sentences and can be combined with other sentences and elements to create extended or compound sentences when more detail or complexity is needed.





 Extended Sentences:

Extended sentences are more complex and include additional information to provide a deeper understanding of the main idea.

They can be created by adding modifiers, conjunctions, phrases, and clauses to simple sentences.


Example Extended Sentences:


With Modifiers:

She sings beautifully, captivating the audience with her voice.


They are playing a friendly game of soccer, laughing and cheering.


The sun shines brightly in the clear blue sky, warming everything below.




With Conjunctions (Compound Sentences):

She sings, and he plays the guitar.


They are playing soccer, but they might switch to basketball later.


The sun shines brightly, yet a cool breeze makes the day pleasant.




With Phrases (Prepositional Phrases):

She sings in the choir, which rehearses every Sunday.


They are playing near the park, not far from their homes.


The sun shines brightly over the ocean, creating a stunning reflection on the water.




With Clauses (Complex Sentences):

Because she loves music, she sings every day.


While they are playing soccer, their friends are watching.


Although the sun shines brightly, it’s still a bit chilly outside.


These extended sentences provide more details and information, making the communication richer and more precise compared to simple sentences.

They allow you to convey complex ideas, relationships, and nuances in your writing or speech.








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